Design a place to remember

Parasoleil bridges art and environment to create places where people want to be. Built on the foundation of sculpture, the artistry in our architectural panel systems brings life to a space with the interplay of light and shadows.

Our Products Explore our ready-to-spec configurable solutions

  • Icon illustration of Shade Systems systems

    Shade Systems

    Bolt-together, engineered shade structures with any pattern and color we offer, or customized to fit the needs of each project with patterns that allow airflow and filter light.

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  • Icon illustration of Screen Systems systems

    Screen Systems

    Thousands of combinations of patterns, posts, fastening methods, and sizes to build a stand-alone screen that defines space and creates privacy.

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  • Icon illustration of Railing Systems systems

    Railing Systems

    Interior decorative railing system or exterior security guardrails to control pattern hole sizes and meet all building department requirements.

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  • Icon illustration of Cladding Systems systems

    Cladding Systems

    3 system options: Interior wall-mounted surfaces; durable panels to integrate into existing rainscreen systems; and full exterior façade systems all with a range of engineering services.

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  • Icon illustration of Ceiling Systems systems

    Ceiling Systems

    Versatile panels can be mounted into a variety of interior overhead systems— suspended, framed, or offset—code compliant systems with variable openness percentages.

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Collection of Parasoleil™ patterns displayed in a panel array

Unrivaled Pattern Expertise

Our certified, pre-engineered, versatile designs cover the largest range of patterns across any aesthetic to provide designs that both delight and exceed standards for design flexibility and structural integrity. We have an array of choices to suit your needs:

  • Over 75 artistic stock patterns from our design library
  • Adjustability of stock patterns to meet your project’s specific needs
  • Custom pattern development services
  • Custom art overlay opportunities for project branding or wayfinding

Award-Winning Powdercoat Finishes

Parasoleil’s award-winning proprietary powdercoat finishes for aluminum are specifically developed for their versatility, durability, and beauty to match the timeless qualities of our architectural panels.

Latest News Call for Submissions: Artist Collaboration Series

What happens when two artists from different modalities come together? We are looking to collaborate with the thriving arts community to bring new patterns to life.

“Thank you for spending time with me on this. The designers at Disney told us you'd be able to help figure this out. I like your idea of spacing the panels.”
Deborah Gregory
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