Shade Badge


Parasoleil panels used overhead create shade with air circulation, bridge architecture with nature and create interactive shadows that change over the day.


Filter intense sunlight while allowing air flow circulation with this line of open pattern aluminum and copper panels, cut-out with designs to bridge architecture with nature.  All-weather shade products create an interesting and inviting space as the shadows move with the sun.  Durable finishes, sustainable materials, and versatile patterns are reliable tools to design places where people want to be.  Standard shade panels are for installations with wind loads up to 100 mph and snow loads up to 100 lb/sf using Parasoleil’s own brackets and hardware.  See the Parasoleil specifications PDF for details.

Screen Badge


Parasoleil panels used for screening enhance architectural articulation, hide private or unsafe areas, and create spaces where people want to be.


Screens divide and conquer to create privacy and frame space.  Use Parasoleil panels inside and outdoors as a fence or gate, a visual break between to separate open areas and direct pedestrians to re-brand entryways, to hide trash or mechanical units, and as its own attraction as a green screen trellis or sculptural garden element.  Wind-load tested for up to 180 mph, powder coat adhesion tested beyond industry standards, and manufactured with the highest level of structural and design integrity.  Specify Parasoleil fasteners for a reliable and consistent installation.

Railing Badge


Parasoleil panels used as railing inserts help define pedestrian spaces and provide an unmatched artistic element.


Railings create a sense of safety and subtle element of design branding when using load-tested railing insert panels cut with patterns for security, edge safety, building code compliance, and complementing a variety of architectural styles.  Finishes are exterior-grade and durable in high traffic public areas and extreme weather.  Contact Parasoleil’s design team for guidance in the best ways to support and fasten panels with custom framework installations.

Cladding Badge


Parasoleil panels used for decorative cladding redefine spaces, give patterns to camouflage, reduce heat-gain, and enhance design branding.


Whether you call it a façade, a wall surface treatment, a decorative second architectural skin, or a building’s green screen, Parasoleil’s cladding system is a structural resource and solid tool in effectively lowering the heat gain on a building.  Panels are used as modular or continuous pattern elements to, not only reduce energy costs, but create a profound design statement with durable finishes to complement, update, or even hide the architecture that supports it.  For specification, use with Parasoleil’s stand-off brackets or corrosion-resistant fasteners.

Tools Icon Fasteners, Brackets, & Additional Hardware

 Field Standoff Bracket Field Standoff Bracket
Field Universal Bracket Field Universal Bracket
Edge Bracket Edge Bracket
Railing Bracket Railing Bracket
Standard Installation Screw Standard Installation Screw

Think Big.

Custom solutions for any application.

Think big. See what Parasoleil has in versatile standard products. Then call the design team, your design colleagues – chances are they’ve done it before. Parasoleil has the problem-solving experience and structural testing to warranty the performance of standard products as well as custom applications. Customize standard products and discuss the best structural support to suit the needs of the space or start ideas from scratch by collaborating with Parasoleil to make spaces.

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