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Hilton Garden Inn

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Hilton Garden Inn


Dividing public spaces in an intimate, interesting, and artistic way always presents a challenge and opportunity for designers to incorporate an aesthetic and functional element. Critical for providing both a visual break and a physical delineation, pattern can have a very large impact on how that is accomplished.


In this case, the custom pattern was designed at different opacities depending on the height of the panel, lower panels with a more dense pattern and higher panels with a more open pattern. This creates more of a physical boundary at ground level yet allows for more air and light to pass through at the higher level. The accent of the Liberty Vertigris finish to the darker frame truly highlights the panels as art pieces and draws the attention to the contrast of the beautiful finish.

Project Details

Edge Construction Milender White Construction J G Johnson
Boulder, CO
Installation Date
October 20, 2017
Hospitality Screening

Product Details

Screen Download Brochure
Liberty Verdigris
Custom Pattern
Custom Clamp Bracket
Technical Specs Library


  • Hotel Lobby
  • Defining Space
  • Screening
  • Custom
  • Progressive Pattern

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