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Lafayette Playground

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Lafayette Playground


In 2018, Lafayette Playground underwent a $4.5 million renovation by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. As part of the Community Parks Initiative program that Mayor Bill de Blasio started in 2014, a commitment was made to New Yorkers to create thriving public places. Redesigning and reconstructing smaller, local parks along with improving public programming across the city is at the center of the initiative.


Parasoleil worked with project partners Poligon and MKW + Associates to create a space within the park that features a shade structure to keep park goers cool during the summer months. This is accomplished through the use of the Lemon Drop pattern with the Liberty Vertigris Patina Powdercoat for maximum shade coverage, airflow, and a welcoming shadow pattern.

This project received the New Jersey ASLA 2020 Merit Award in the Landscape Architectural Site Design category.

Project Details

MKW + Associates Poligon
Brooklyn, NY
Installation Date
January 1, 2019
Landscape Architecture

Product Details

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Liberty Verdigris
Lemon Drop©
PD-H Direct Mount
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