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Sloan's Lake

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Sloan's Lake


Designed as a place to pause and reflect, the Melrose Inspirational Garden installation is located along a walking path near the east edge of Sloan's Lake, and nestled in a contemplative garden setting. Sloan’s Lake Park is located at Meade St and 19th Street in the City of Denver. The project was a successful collaboration between the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City and County of Denver, the Frances A. Melrose Foundation, a Colorado Private Foundation, as well as with Parasoleil, and the design, fabrication and construction teams.


Parasoleil panels with Lemon Drop pattern were selected from Parasoleil’s pattern library by the design team for emphasis as the key focal point of the primary shade canopy that was flanked by two secondary canopies. Close coordination between Parasoleil and the steel fabricator was necessary for the ¼” thick aluminum wedge-shaped panels to seamlessly conform to the radius-ed tube steel structure, offering an elegant and organic shelter that meshed with its natural setting.

Project Details

DHM Design City and County of Denver
Denver, CO
Installation Date
November 11, 2011
Landscape Architecture Shade

Product Details

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  • Denver
  • Landscape Design
  • Pergola
  • Outdoor Living
  • Park Design

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