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Elizabeth Hotel

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Elizabeth Hotel


The Elizabeth Hotel is a place for beer enthusiasts, for business travelers and indie rockers, for history buffs and foodies. As part of Marriott's Autograph Collection, this project's design and execution needed to be perfect. The complex geometry of the design required a high-degree of design engineering, on-site coordination, and understanding of very tight design tolerances.


Parasoleil’s design team worked very closely with the architect and installation team to ensure the custom pattern and panel shape were designed to perfectly overlay against the steel support structure of the hotel’s entryway, balcony railings, and interior accent screens.

Project Details

4240 Architecture RK Metals
Installation Date
February 1, 2018
Hospitality Commercial Architecture Screening Cladding Railing

Product Details

Screen Download Brochure Railing Download Brochure Cladding Download Brochure
Custom Finish
Custom Pattern
Technical Specs Library

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