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Parasoleil Education | Engineering Process

At Parasoleil, we focus on engineering standards and certifications for our products because we understand the importance of design load compliance. As a result, we have refined our approach to our panel performance in any thickness, pattern, and application.WHY IT MATTERS FOR EACH APPLICATIONBuilding Attachment: Pre-engineered patterns ensure...

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Exploring the Pattern Map

Today, advancements in materials and manufacturing processes make it possible to fabricate a panel of aluminum, copper, acrylic, wood, or steel with a pattern quickly and cost-effectively. Referred to as a decorative perforated panel, this option for bringing pattern into an architectural space is created by cutting and removing shapes from a solid...

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SXSW (South by Southwest) Organizers Get a Lesson in Urbanism

This was the 5th year I’ve attended the epic South By Southwest music festival with my brother, Josh. He drags me around for 5 days to over 50 different acts and conference panel discussions, leaving little time for eating or sleeping. It’s a test of stamina but inspiring as an artist and as a CEO. With now 2,000 bands playing in different venues...

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In-House Structural Analysis for Decorative Metal Panels

Decorative metal panel manufacturers are called upon, now more than ever before, to solve architectural solutions for exterior facades, screening, and overhead shade. These panels can be raw metals, made to rust, ornamental blacksmith work for artistic railings, or systems of panels designed to be installed easily and last as part of the architect...

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Powder Coats Provide a Larger Palette of Industrial Finish Options

Decorative metal panels filter light and create spaces that change throughout the day, but the finishes that are applied to the panels make the panels long-lasting and help to complement the rest of the project’s design aesthetic. Paints add to labor-intensive lead times or often drip before they dry, and prefinished sheet goods don’t allow for cu...

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Parasoleil’s Design Philosophy Demonstrates the Intersection of Engineering and Art

Architecture is often described in its purest sense as a dynamic balance of engineering and art. Does form follow function, or is it the other way around? When to prioritize engineering concerns over aesthetics, and when should aesthetics be the driver? It may seem that the two concepts are mutually exclusive, however, experienced design profess...

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Why You Should Transform Your Space in 2018

Generic is Out. Memorable is In.For the past few years, the world surrounding us has become increasingly more generic and dull. Developers will only create four to five “looks” for homes being built in the trendy new community on the other side of town. The buildings composing our cityscapes are also starting to all look the same. The offices that...

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Throwing some shade for summer AND winter

How Landscaping For Shade Reduces Energy CostsEnergy efficiency: it’s good for sustainability, and great for the pocketbook. To cut energy consumption, environment and budget conscious homeowners are turning to windows with Low-E coatings that provide superior insulation. And developers are constructing houses using high performance composite plast...

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5 Tips for Landscaping at Home this Summer

Following winter’s storms and spring’s showers, summer is the ideal time to bring your garden back to life. Nature offers an excellent boost to your mental and physical health, so get outside and soak up some of that fantastic Sunshine Vitamin! A great way to get some exercise and get outdoors is sprucing up your home’s outdoor areas. Her...

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Part II: Bridging Architecture with Nature

In 1950, there was a boom, of not only babies, but of home building. Suburban neighborhoods developed across the United States. Pin oaks and sycamore trees were planted in the grass between the sidewalks and streets, lining the single-family homes in the Midwest. HOA policies included the maintenance of yards, the recommended height of fences, an...

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Part I: Bridging Architecture with Nature

There is a trend in spaces that are neither indoors, nor are they completely exposed to the elements. But today, home supply stores have dedicated around 350% more space to outdoor living than they did in 1990. This idea of bridging architecture with nature has been adopted by designers wanting to rethink the best use of a property’s footprint. T...

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