Ask-Uriah: Urban-Look Alternatives to Cor-ten Steel

  • Written by Uriah Bueller on June 17, 2015
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QUESTION: I'm redesigning a condo complex and want to camouflage the railings with something that gives them a rusted metal or urban/metallic look. We like Cor-ten, but it is too thick and expensive. Do you have any suggestions?

ANSWER: Yes! As you know, Cor-ten is a brand name for A 242 and A 588 steel which is designed to rust to a point and then stop rusting (I'm not convinced it actually ever completely stops rusting, but it is certainly slower). We can do (and have done) Cor-ten as a special order, although you may not want to go that direction.

If the project is indoor or located in very dry climate, cor-ten, which is very expensive, is unnecessary.

We've introduced a good Rust Patina Powdercoat with browns and oranges - Cor-11. Other options are Aged Bronze in Aluminum or Rust Brown (matte textured brown) on Aluminum.

We can also do a raw steel or brushed aluminum for a good urban look/feel.