Beat the Heat

When we think of taking a break from the summer heat, the general idea is to find shade as soon as possible. In nature, trees are an ideal option for finding that cooler spot as they create a canopy over our heads that filters light and protects the spaces around us. It’s hard to deny the harsh reality we are currently facing with our world getting warmer, and our neighborhoods experiencing hotter days and nights due to more and more square footage of hard paved surfaces.

In light of this ever-increasing need for cooler places to exist, we’ve taken a cue from nature and sought to recreate that same shaded effect that trees produce by utilizing our Parasoleil panels for overhead applications in our urban environments. Many of our patterns mimic the characteristics of our tall, leafy friends, which results in a natural air conditioning effect. Here are a few examples of places we’ve helped create to beat the heat:

Summerly Sunset Park
Sunset Park | Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, CA
Pattern: Lemon Drop
Solana Olde Town Apartments
Solana Olde Town Apartments | Arvada, CO
Pattern: Quiet Wood
Modera West LA
Modera West LA | Los Angeles, CA (image via Modera West LA)
Pattern: Flanigan

Metropolis Apartments
Metropolis Apartments | San Diego, CA
Pattern: Flanigan
Lafayette Playground
Lafayette Playground | Brooklyn, NY
Pattern: Lemon Drop
Post River North Apartments
Post River North Apartments | Denver, CO
Pattern: Sampoerna
Westminster Dog Park
Westminster Dog Park | Westminster, CO
Pattern: Mission

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