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  • Written by Tanner Flynn on July 28, 2015
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Parasoleil featured in Phoenix Home & Garden


When temperatures heat up, so can outdoor living spaces, especially when they’re not protected from the sun. For Phoenix residents Juliana and Jim Caviolo, their backyard patio was not a place they ventured to often. Although covered, its open sides face south and west and bear the brunt of the hot sun. “It was completely useless, even when temperatures were cool," says Juliana. “We wanted a space that felt like a living room and made the patio useful."

Landscape designer Marie White, who was helping renovate other areas of the property, came up with the idea to install panels with cutouts that would offer shade and ventilation. The 4-foot-wide, 8-foot-high metal pieces from Parasoleil were erected using custom steel frames that are set in concrete. “We had the option of treating them to rush the patina process, but we let nature do the job," says Juliana. The perforated panels are backlit in the evening with LED lighting, creating an intriguing play of light on the patio ceiling.

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