Introducing MESH: A New Line of Patterns

  • Written by Parasoleil on December 4, 2020
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The Newest Innovation from Parasoleil, Modular Engineered Shadowgraphing patterns, MESH

Parasoleil is proud to release our newest innovation in pattern development that will allow all users to take full advantage of our engineered standards while simultaneously creating unique, fully custom arrays of aluminum panels as a canvas for their art, design, client’s brand, or just versatile creativity.  

With 20 new MESH optimized patterns to select from, the previously impossible has now been made possible, and even simple. Think of the most intricate or delicate of designs that might look incredible on paper, but faces too many physical limitations to work in the real world – MESH is the answer to this challenge. Unlike any other solution on the market today, MESH patterns allow for a structurally secure field pattern at an appropriate scale that allows for custom art, brands, logos, and words to be overlaid onto the field pattern. This allows for extremely intricate overlays to be expressed across a multi-panel array whiles still maintaining a prescribed opacity and design load requirements.

Parasoleil has been playing with pattern from the earliest days, always looking for ways to filter light and define space differently. MESH brings a whole new tool set to the table in a game-changing move to put more customization and control into the hands of the specifier. Additionally, Parasoleil brings years of experience to guide that process to make sure each project uses the best patterns for each application.

Though these patterns are ideal for overlays and custom features, they also stand on their own as subtly artistic modular patterns that don’t overwhelm the senses in larger arrays. Think of a simple hole pattern, a good old-fashioned perforated metal panel for instance, that may be an extremely functional and efficient way to filter light while allowing for airflow at a prescribed openness percentage. Now think of doing the same thing, but with a more nuanced and artistic approach through pattern with an artisan patina powder coat finish. Then there's the simple process of customizing that array with movement, art, or branding to bring this element to a new level of design – all which falls within the standard Parasoleil process. Why not, right?


Custom Screens: Develop a custom art screen where every panel is different than the one next to it

Cladding Facades:  For a maintenance-free, long lasting solution, use cladding as an opportunity to brand the building or tie into the neighborhood placemaking initiatives 

Perf Substitute: Use perforated metal panels to divide space, block light, or cover an area with a series of MESH panels to meet the design intent

Public Art:  Incorporate an artist’s work into a metal panel array and still maintain structural integrity

Feature Wall:  Use an inspirational image, regional map, or landscape across the whole area, crossing over the borders and seams of the individual panels

Continue design language across multiple applications: This is nothing new as it provides wayfinding and branding. Our code-certified library of MESH patterns allows the client to the utilize one pattern in many different ways without concern for code requirements.

Whatever you may be working on – MESH could be your answer. Call us, let’s talk.