Local product designer celebrates 10 years after Innovative Recognition from 9NEWS at the CO Garden and Home Show

  • Written by Tanner Flynn on February 22, 2016
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10 years ago, 9News interviewed our founder, Uriah Bueller, as having brought one of the top 10 innovative products to the Garden and Home Show in 2006.

Back then, the product was only named, "Copper Shade Panels," and the company focused on the residential landscape market. Now with design and manufacturing still here in the Denver area, this small operation has taken that starting point and recognition to great lengths.

Parasoleil, now the name of the company, designs and makes these shade panels and privacy screens for clients all over the country (and beyond). Their work can be seen shading the outdoor dining area at the Hive Cafe at the Denver Botanic Gardens. It can be seen as the rooftop pool privacy screen at the Downtown Denver Sheraton Hotel. It can be seen at the landmark shelter for Sloans Lake at 19th & Meade in Denver. And they still do the same shadow-casting patio covers for private residences all over the Front Range. But thanks to that local start, they now have installations well beyond the borders of Colorado.

Today and throughout his weekend, Parasoleil celebrates 10 years in designing and manufacturing its products, Parasoleil panels and system hardware! "It's no longer about my ideas, my artwork," says Bueller, "We have architects, an entire sales team, and operations specialists to make this work. I'm very lucky to have found the people to help drive this company to what I know it can be." The company has sales representation in all 50 states and installations in just as many. Their commercialized, structural artwork has been used in historic hotels, resort properties in Guam and Aruba, Starbucks remodels, international airports, and city parks throughout the country.

Parasoleil, still under the guidance of Uriah Bueller (CEO) and the company's Board of Directors, now makes most of its line of eye-catching panels in structural aluminum and finished with their own unique powdercoat system to mimic the copper patinas and deep bronze tones that got them started. They lead the industry with their ability to customize their products and focus on design guidance to help designers, architects, and engineers use Parasoleil light-filtering panels to their best. Their current local project of interest is having designed and made the decorative cladding panels for all four sides of the now-under-construction Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek.

Contact Parasoleil directly for images and more information at 303-589-4524 and hello@parasoleil.com