Meet the Production Management Team: Jeremie and Jamaal

  • Written by Parasoleil on May 24, 2021
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Introducing Jeremie Hoffmann and Jamaal Franklin

L: Jeremie Hoffmann, Director of Operations, R: Jamaal Franklin, Project Coordinator

You could not ask for a better duo. Jeremie Hoffman has been with Parasoleil for the past 3 years leading the Production Department. As a former Preparator installing artwork and Exhibition Fabricator, Jeremie brings a range of experience to Parasoleil. The newest member to our team is Jamaal Franklin. With an extensive background in inventory management and project coordination, Jamaal was made for his role as a Project Coordinator.

These two are on the frontlines working with customers and clients, making sure orders are on time, and inspecting every single panel or piece of hardware that leaves our warehouse. They value our customer’s needs all while making sure our production schedule runs as smoothly as possible.


How has your past professional experiences influenced your work at Parasoleil?

Jeremie Hoffman: My professional experiences influenced me to be extremely detail oriented. The specifics are what is important to the client. It is critical that the production team has detailed knowledge of each of the projects so that we can have informed conversations with our customers. We strive to know all the variables before moving forward to stay two steps ahead. Lastly everyone’s project is important.

Jamaal Franklin: Previously, I worked for a custom home builder that did everything in-house from acquiring the property and scraping it, to manufacturing a customer designed home. The customer, architect, structural engineers, and design team all have their unique vision of the build and a budget to work within. It was necessary to satisfy the needs of the customer while working effectively with different ideas internally. Additionally, I would take it upon myself to find solutions and be a proactive problem solver by anticipating questions customers may not even think to ask.


What does your day-to-day look like?

JH: A lot of switching gears and multitasking. One of the most exciting opportunities working as the Director of Production is the many different activities that occur, and skill sets used in a single day. Whether talking a client through a project installation, custom finishing hardware, or leading an onsite QC, we are always on our toes.

 JF: My role is far from the typical “sit in a cubicle all day."  Everyday offers a new set of challenges and troubleshooting to work through roadblocks. 

What is your favorite part of working at Parasoleil?

JH: The Parasoleil team. The individuals working for Parasoleil are diverse and unique. Each member brings their own skill set to the table. I learn from all my coworkers daily.

 JF: The team that has been assembled here at Parasoleil is something special.  It is difficult to put into words but there is a unique atmosphere here.  I am also a huge fan of the workflow and wide variety of day-to-day tasks here. 


What has been your favorite project to work on and why?

JH: I enjoy the local projects (Colorado front range); it allows me the opportunity to see the project in its entirety as an installed project rather than the individual pieces to a project.

JF: My favorite project would be one we are currently working on, the Arkansas River Levee Trail shade structures.  Any "Colorado outdoor enthusiast" would love to see our artistic panels applied to a city landscape. Taking that same beauty and applying alongside the premier white water rafting rivers in America is a beauty of another kind.  As a raft guide myself, I cannot wait to raft that section of white water and have lunch under the Parasoleil shade structures lining the trail.

 What challenges do you face in your role?

JH: The biggest challenges for production are commonly adjusted timelines and installation hang ups. All in a day’s work.

 JF: With Parasoleil taking on as many projects as we do, we have been pushing the envelope on what is possible. The variety of applications in which our panels are used is drastically increasing, which of course brings up new obstacles to overcome. Our customers and clients find inspiration through our work or something they saw on a trip or walking through their own city, and that will often spark an idea. It is our job to see that idea come to life and work out all the kinks before they become roadblocks during the journey from design to installation. 


How has our production process evolved over time? Or how to do you see it changing in the future?

JH: Production has evolved over time with the many new Parasoleil offerings and the higher degree of customization for our clients. These additions push the boundaries of Production weekly. Whether it is a new finish, new product, or a new process, the diversification makes production exciting, and gives us a great sense of accomplishment.

 JF: Production will continue to evolve, and we will see more complicated designs that spread across multiple panels, or patterns that change from different viewpoints. I anticipate oddly shaped and curved panels will be mounted in increasingly difficult ways. What was once deemed as impossible will go from being difficult to eventually becoming the norm.

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