Parasoleil Receives Second Patent for Proprietary Bracket System

  • Written by Uriah Bueller on December 20, 2019
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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — [December 18, 2019] — Parasoleil, a visionary company that bridges art and environment with architectural metal panels, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 10,436,382 entitled “Architectural Panel Support.” The patent covers the design and manufacturing of its proprietary bracket system. Designed jointly by an architect and a sculptor, the Parasoleil "Stand-Off Bracket System" patent builds on the original "Flat Bracket System.”

This patent is in the same family as U.S. Patent 10,066,781 – issued to Parasoleil in September 2018 – and provides broader coverage for the proprietary bracket technology. Both the Flat Bracket System and the Stand-Off Bracket System allow for up to four panels to be attached to a wall, structural support beam or post, or even attached to an uneven surface. The two systems are universal and interchangeable to fit any of Parasoleil’s panels and multiple applications for shade, screen, cladding, and railing.

The difference between the two systems is that the Flat Bracket System keeps the panels 1/8” off the surface of what the bracket is attached to, while the Stand-Off Bracket System maintains a consistent two-inch space between a surface and the panels.

Sculptor and Parasoleil CEO, Uriah Bueller, talks about how the system works, "I'm most excited about the uniqueness of this patented hardware as it allows us to maintain the beauty with clean, even seams, as well as, allows for narrow support beams for each unique layout of panels. And in turn, the most minimal structure can be used to support a vast array of panels engineered to withstand severe winds."

Both systems have specific bracket configurations designed to address corner, edge and mid-panel conditions with a given panel array.

Mike Schock, Architect and Director of Design, explains it this way, “What makes Parasoleil different is that we pre-engineer each unique pattern geometrically and artistically, including our hardware system in advance, to give us greater visibility around how the complete assembly performs under adverse weather conditions. We apply this built-in engineering approach in everything we do, allowing greater value to our customers. Using our expressed installation bracket system as part of an overall project is a way to celebrate the intentional balance of the aesthetic and structural design integrity of what we do.”

From a functionality perspective, the expressed hardware also allows for removal of the panels for maintenance or even replacement, if necessary, and the fastening hole in the middle of the bracket secures four intersecting panels together as one system requiring only one fastener to secure it to the substructure.