Cladding Systems

Cladding System Options Vertically mounted panels on a variety of surfaces

Example of a Parasoleil™ Interior Decorative Surfaces

Interior Decorative Surfaces

When you purchase Parasoleil panels, you are getting art, and how you display that art makes a very big difference on the impact the art can have on those who experience it. Our proprietary bracket system allows the panels to be easily installed at a two-inch distance off a surface to highlight the unique and interactive nature of the panel. Easy to install and designed to melt into the texture of the panel, this fastening system works well for individual panels or large arrays of panels.

Example of a Parasoleil™ Exterior Façade Applications

Exterior Façade Applications

In many cases it makes the most sense to apply Parasoleil cladding panels to a system that already exists or is designed, manufactured, and installed by others. We have the design flexibility to optimize this solution with hands-on coordination and an extensive shop drawing process that ensures the panels will be made to exact specifications. This level of coordination is the key difference to making a complicated project run smoothly, lowering risk and minimizing mistakes.

Fastening & Installation Details

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These brackets, designed for any vertical panel mounting situation, give you the ultimate in field tolerance with the cleanest panel face aesthetic available. Chose from a button-head tamper resistant fastener or a counter-sunk flush mount Philips head fastener. These brackets hold the panels two inches off of the posts for a floating effect. All screw heads will be painted in the color that best coordinate with the selected panel powdercoat finish for a clean and seamless final appearance.

Direct Mount Screws

As simple and straightforward as it gets. Parasoleil provides the appropriate screw for your project based on your substrate material whether that be wood, aluminum, commercial grade steel, or something else. All screw heads come painted to color coordinate with the panel finish. Panels come with pre-drilled holes for even spacing and ease of installation. Select from PDH, PDS, PDW depending on your post material and desired aesthetic. All fasteners will come painted in the color that best coordinates with the selected panel powdercoat finish.

See our Cladding Systems in use

Parasoleil™ panels in a real-world application

Parasoleil has a pattern for every need

Every pattern is unique in its ability to provide shade, visual privacy, protection from the elements, and enhance a design aesthetic. Make sure you're well versed on the different pattern attributes so you can be sure that you're picking the perfect pattern for your project!

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