Cladding Systems

Parasoleil™ panels in a real-world application

With infinite pattern customizability, an array of Parasoleil laser cut aluminum panels brings an unparalleled quality to your design.

Bridging the gap between art and engineering, Parasoleil’s cladding panel systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured with quality, integrity, and excellence. Utilizing laser cut aluminum panels for decorative façade cladding is a strong and impactful design statement for your project.

ParaClad™ Systems Designed in-house, our anodized aluminum decorative cladding substructure system ensures that the main feature gets all the glory.

Driven by ease of installation and the reality of variable field conditions in mind, this engineered anodized aluminum system does exactly what it needs to do—no more, no less.

MESH Panel Arrays

Parasoleil’s line of MESH patterns provides a canvas with endless possibilities. By utilizing a “field pattern” with small repeating geometric shapes, one can “overlay” a larger image, brand element, or contrasting pattern to achieve a never—before achievable design impact.

Fastening & Installation Details

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These brackets, designed for any vertical panel mounting situation, give you the ultimate in field tolerance with the cleanest panel face aesthetic available. Chose from a button-head tamper resistant fastener or a counter-sunk flush mount Philips head fastener. These brackets hold the panels two inches off of the posts for a floating effect. All screw heads will be painted in the color that best coordinate with the selected panel powder coat finish for a clean and seamless final appearance.

Parasoleil has a pattern for every need

Every pattern is unique in its ability to provide shade, visual privacy, protection from the elements, and enhance a design aesthetic. Make sure you're well versed on the different pattern attributes so you can be sure that you're picking the perfect pattern for your project!

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