Engineering Process

Whatever your engineering needs, we can provide it!

  • Panel Deflection Calculations
  • Wind Load Calculations
  • Code Compliance
  • FEA Reports
  • PE Stamped Calcs
  • Custom Structure Designs
  • Regionally Specific Requirements (DSA, Miami Dade, NOA, etc.)

How Patterns Affect Strength

Parasoleil’s extensive research and experience in laser cutting non-uniform patterns in aluminum sheets has resulted in the acquisition of tens of thousands of data points that inform our understanding of what is possible and where the line of “too far” really is. We have performed hundreds of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) studies on all of our patterns in different sizes, materials, and iterations to learn just exactly how loads are distributed through these irregular, non-uniform patterns. What we’ve learned has informed our new pattern developments, our structural span recommendations, and our ability to guide clients in the best direction for their specific project needs. Custom FEA reports are available on a project-by-project basis and are critical in our design process.


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