Parasoleil Continuing Education

Here at Parasoleil, we pour every ounce of our energy in developing, creating, enhancing, and understanding pattern. Pattern is at the core of everything we do, and it is our mission to provide architects, designers, and owners with the best tools to help them bring beautiful and timeless pattern into their projects.

The Pattern Map Understanding pattern design basics

To better communicate about and categorize patterns, our founder, Uriah Bueller, developed the "pattern map" to define the different elements of a pattern and help us understand how any pattern can best be used in a project. Earn CEU credits right here by watching our AIA approved "Pattern Mapping for Lasting Design" course or visit the course page here.

MESH Artistic structural grids for maximum design flexibility

We developed MESH patterns to provide our customers with a panelized structural canvas on which to overlay their own art and to develop master patterns over large arrays of panels. These patterns give designers and architects the maximum flexibility to incorporate brands, maps, words, or even pictures as overlays on a MESH panel background while ensuring structural strength for exterior load requirements.

Progressive Patterns that change across an array

When you don’t want the exact same panel repeated over and over again, you can modify the “cropping” from a master pattern file and make every single panel unique! This allows for varying pattern density and for movement across an installation so that no two panels are the same pattern.

Custom Design your own pattern

We can work with you to develop your own concept into a pattern that has never been made before. Through extensive knowledge and experience in pattern development and panel manufacturing, we’ll guide you through the process to ensure your custom pattern will meet your project goals and will be manufacturable.

Certified Engineering and Manufacturing Turning concepts into real products

Not every 2-D pattern can be made into a 3-D panel. Whether it’s a custom or standard pattern, Parasoleil’s certification demands that anything we produce will be able to hold up in the real world.