Our Vision

Parasoleil designs and manufactures a line of highly aesthetic products for many architectural uses.  But more importantly, the company wants to put words to a growing desire to make places people really use and want to be in.  Parasoleil focuses on an open-source platform of collaborative design and education in the field of functional patterns, sunlight-solicited public art, and durable finishes that blend with the environment.

What It is

What it Is Parasoleil Video Tile

Who We Are

Who We Are Parasoleil Video Tile

How It's Done

How It's Done Parasoleil Video Tile

Meet the leadership team

Uriah developed the product back in 2002, but it took rafting the Grand Canyon in 2005 to realize that it had so many practical uses. He's a bit of a slow learner.

Uriah Bueller

Chief Executive Officer

Our marketing guru and resident organizer who loves a checklist and isn’t afraid of running with scissors. We try our best not to get on his $#@& list.

Tanner Flynn

VP of Operations

Next to Uriah, Mike's been around the longest. We're still trying to figure out what to do with him… until then, he'll use his mad architectural skills as needed.

Mike Schock

Architectural Director

Reid is an extreme extrovert who thrives on new experiences and mastering unfamiliar tasks. His favorite thing to do: smiling.

Reid Morgan

Strategic Development

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"Parasoleil was so easy to work with, especially considering the custom nature of this project and distance. They guided the process of material selection and installation requirements, instilling confidence from the very beginning. I wouldn't change a thing!"

Kimberly Herrick | Herrick Design Group

"Just something about those shade patterns...and the movement of the sun giving them life. Simple idea, intriguing and beautiful."

John L'Etoile

“Your ability to accommodate, seemingly any condition, is a real asset. Thanks.”

Andy Schell | Brenner Builders & Associates, Inc.

"Thank you for spending time with me on this. The designers at Disney told us you'd be able to help figure this out. I like your idea of spacing the panels."

Deborah Gregory | DiG Interiors

“Appreciate the professionalism your team had on this project. It is noticed and truly appreciated. Look forward to working with you again on future projects.”

John Ferrara | Starbucks at Phoenix Airport

At Denver Botanic Garden "we wanted the pattern to be very abstract, as if the guests were seated under the shade of a tree. This is the main reason we chose the Winter Branches pattern. It created a beautiful shade pattern against all surfaces, which truly invigorates the space. The Parasoliel is lightweight, which allows for great options in the choice of structure. We were able to use more slender wood support structure, which complimented, rather than overwhelm the canopy design."

Ben Niamthet | Burkett Design