Archer Hotel Napa

  • Napa, CA
  • June 2017




  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Architecture

Product Details

  • Custom
  • Custom
  • Aluminum

Project Background

The ceiling of the Archer Hotel in Napa, CA was a perfect opportunity to add a breathtaking element of hanging laser cut metal panels in a unique and impactful way. The design team needed something light, natural, and ethereal to add to the 'wine country retreat meets urban beat' style of the hotel, but also something sturdy and lasting that could support itself with minimal framework in the installation. The four massive curved wooden beams in the main entry corridor creates three distinct spaces over head, with repeated geometry that tie in with the stone walls on either side. The solution needed to be elegant yet sturdy, soft yet solid, both geometric and organic, while also tipping it's hat to the surrounding wine country, the primary reason people stay at this establishment. But the greatest challenge was in mounting these 100 lb panels in a way that communicated lightness, as if they were floating. The Parasoleil team went to work to find the exact right solution.


The end result was a perfect melding of the soft curved lines of the factory rolled 1/4" Aluminum panels to match the exact radius of the wooden arches with the rigid thickness of the structurally sound custom pattern - metal panels. The pattern was developed in partnership between LK Architecture and Parasoleil to fit the exact architectural language of the space, leaves and vines with an intentional nod to the surrounding agricultural wine economy, while also maintaining its structural integrity for a long, maintenance-free life of hanging in place overhead. Parasoleil discovered and sourced the fastening solution through a third party hardware manufacturer that supplied the anchor brackets and hanging cable system to effectively "float" the panels above while anchoring them solidly into the ceiling. This created the perfect balance of structural support and airy lightness. The vine-themed pattern even found it's way onto the main column behind the bar in a column wrap application, and around the elevator doors on the first two floors as well, tying the experience of the entry ceiling into other parts of the lobby as well for a cohesive use of the aluminum panels in the whole space.