Burbank Town Center

  • Burbank, CA
  • March 2018




  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Architecture

Product Details

  • Custom
  • Custom
  • Aluminum

Project Background

The Burbank Town Center was a renovation project in a mid-century modern neighborhood looking to transform a past focal point back to a gathering spot for the community. The sophisticated aesthetic required many unique size panels over a large span that needed to be engineered and durable. As with any project, keeping costs down for highly custom installations is always important - even more so for Burbank Town Center. The design team needed to establish unique ways to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum with over 100 unique panel types needed for the project.


By coordinating with the project architect, the subcontractor, and the installation team, Parasoleil was able to design a comprehensive panel system engineered to endure significant wind loads. We used the minimum number of unique panel sizes and designs to maintain the original design intent of the architect and respond to the field conditions on site. Working closely with the contractor, we created a labeling system to simplify installation and a batching process to reduce manufacturing costs. We worked closely with both the GC and installers to make sure all of the installation details were clear. We even cut a code into each panel to visually explain to the installer how and where each panel is as going to be installed. With over a hundred custom sized panels that can be flipped and rotated 8 different ways, it’s important that we make the installers job easier, not harder.