Planet Word Museum

  • Washington, D.C.
  • October 2020


Additional Partner:

Product Details

  • Custom
  • Aluminum

Project Background

As part of the restoration of the historic Franklin School, a revolutionary new museum called Planet Word was being constructed. This museum is dedicated to the power of language and how it shapes the human experience. The newly created courtyard needed a decorative fence to separate the main street from the grounds of the museum. The courtyard would include the first permanent installation in D.C. by contemporary artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer that provides an immersive language experience for visitors.


Brought in during the early stages of the project to assist with the custom pattern development by Beyer Blinder Belle, Parasoleil worked closely with the architect to achieve the desired design intent. The goal was to create a very open and airy tree branch design with a panel system that is not only a striking architectural element, but also safe for children attending the museum and structurally sound. For privacy, the pattern chosen is progressive which is more dense at the bottom of the panel that then transitions into a more open pattern at the top. This will still allow for some visibility and air flow through the courtyard.