Tanger Outlets

  • Galveston, TX | Columbus, OH
  • July 2015


  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Architecture

Product Details

  • Custom
  • Aluminum

Project Background

Outlet Malls always present a design challenge to introduce a consistent element that can be used in various applications around the many different spaces created by the layout of buildings. With a need to create differentiation in the many storefronts, while also maintaining a consistent look, awnings are an excellent way to achieve that. The challenge with most awnings, is that they are usually covered by a arterial that doesn’t last very long, and requires significant maintenance and ultimately replacement.


Parasoleil worked with Tanger Outlets in multiple locations to design awnings that would require low maintenance, offer a timeless design element, and provide the necessary shading and desired aesthetic for the buildings. In Columbus, Ohio, the panels were selected as the covering to the steel framed awnings to achieve that higher design element on a usually forgotten element. The material, being aluminum, is non-corrosive and UV resistant, which means no maintenance or long-term upkeep. The awnings were all fabricated in consistent modules, and a standard geometric and modular pattern, so the panels could be placed end to end and achieve different size sections at each location while still taking advantage of economies of scale in production. In Charlotte, North Carolina, outdoor shoppers needed respite from the sun while shopping outdoors. Flanigan was the perfect pattern to offer sufficient shade, while still providing a fun interplay between light and shadow as well as good airflow underneath the panels. The transitional pattern allowed multiple panels to run across numerous walkway sections seamlessly. The shadows cast from the Flanigan pattern adorn the sidewalks, trellises, and buildings, offering a natural and beautiful design aesthetic to the outdoor shopping experience.