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A sketch depicting the hardware options offered by Parasoleil

Universal powder coated installation systems to complement and extend any panel arrangement

The Parasoleil Bracket System™ combines beauty, utility, and durability to offer an elegant universal installation solution for a wide range of projects. It is an expressed element that standardizes the installation process, increases corrosion-resistance, and enhances the overall aesthetic of the installation. Every steel bracket is coated with a zinc primer for maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance, and then powder coated in a AAMA 2605 rated finish. Read more below to better understand the best hardware for your project type.

Parasoleil Flat Bracket System™

The Parasoleil Flat (PFL) Bracket System™ is designed for shade and screen projects, and can also be used for railing projects. This system consists of the PFL-100, PFL-200, and PFL-400 installation brackets, each made from a 1/8” A36 steel plate. The PFL-100 is attaches each corner of the structure, while the PFL-200 secures the perimeter, and the PFL-400 on the interior of the panel array.

Parasoleil Standoff Bracket System™

The Parasoleil Standoff (PSO) Bracket System™ is great for decorative cladding projects. This system consists of the PSO-110, PSO-210, and PSO-410, each made from a 1/8” A36 steel plate. The PSO-110 is mounted on each corner of the structure, while the PSO-210 is mounted on the perimeter, and the PSO-410 on the interior.

Parasoleil Inset Bracket System™

The Parasoleil Inset (PBI) Bracket System™ offers a finished aesthetic for either side of the installation, making it great for screen and railing projects. This system consists of the PBI-200 bracket made from a 3/16” A36 steel plate. The PBI-200 is mounted on the inside face of a screen or railing structure.

Direct Mount with or without pre-drilled holes

Parasoleil panels can also be mounted directly to a structure as needed to accommodate aesthetic goals or high wind or snow load conditions. Parasoleil Installation Screws are ideal for attaching Parasoleil panels to aluminum or wood. The PD-H and PD-S Drill Screws are best used for direct mounting aluminum panels to steel or aluminum support structures. The PD-W Drill Screw is best used for direct mounting Parasoleil aluminum panels to wood support structures.

Additional hardware solutions

In addition to the Parasoleil Bracket System™ and Self-Drilling Installation Screws, the Parasoleil design team can recommend alternative installation options for your project's unique needs at any time.