Call for Submissions: Artist Collaboration Series

  • Written by Staci Charles on January 31, 2024
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What happens when two artists from different modalities come together?

Parasoleil bridges art and environment to create places where people want to be. We are looking to collaborate with the thriving arts community to bring new patterns to life by way of our Limited Artist Collaboration Series.

The submission period for our 2024 Limited Artist Collaboration Series is now open!

Submissions Deadline: February 16, 2024
Selections Announced: March 15, 2024

Please review and/or share the COMPLETE GUIDELINES. If you have any questions, you can email us at


To develop and publish a limited number of patterns that represent a wider source of artistry, as well as tap into Parasoleil’s network of other artists doing impressive creations. These artists have their own distinct talent and desire that exhibits a posture in the arts.

Each pattern is designed to filter light and frame space to bring a particular essence of connection in its environment. In addition, the patterns will be developed with an understanding of the Pattern Map, copyright protections, and the structural integrity of different patterns laser-cut into aluminum sheets.

Parasoleil founder, Uriah Bueller, will facilitate this development and teach any design-for-manufacturing principles needed to fulfill the artist’s vision and be suitable for the built environment of architecture. Prior to release, patterns will be engineered for optimal performance ratings and discussed in how they may be adapted or customized for the site conditions while still holding to the design intent and expression of the artist.


Beyond the artist maintaining copyright ownership of their unique work, each pattern will be analyzed and optimized for architectural applications. The collaboration will pair the design vision of each artist with Parasoleil’s industry leadership and design-engineering expertise. Parasoleil will have a limited license to manufacture the patterns throughout the length of the partnership. Both parties will be able to promote and openly discuss the process and outcomes of the collaboration.

When commissions are ordered using these “Artist Series” patterns, the Parasoleil Art Lab team will coordinate all project application details integrating the project into its typical schedule and known process. The artist will be brought into the conversation to comment on their pattern approach, discuss best uses, and approve any design customizations. While Parasoleil determines the right projects to undertake and how to price and support each project, the artist partnership will yield a 10% royalty of all sales using that pattern that goes to the artist or can be donated to a charity of the artist’s choosing prior to developing the artwork.


With over a hundred projects each year, their work has been frequently awarded international recognition, and its Art Lab For Architecture conducts daily project collaborations with some of the most impactful architects and developers in North America. Most recently in 2023, Parasoleil was awarded the best structural system for a façade by Architect’s Newspaper, recognizing our proprietary customizable turnkey cladding system.

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