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Screen Systems

The Parasoleil Difference: Artistry. Dependability. Durability.

Architects and designers can work with our design team to develop an aesthetic that guarantees a safe and secure atmosphere for multiple scenarios. Specifiers and contractors have all the components they need for one solution.

  • Icon representing Premium metals - A stack of metal sheets

    Premium metals

    Architectural grade metals that allow for high performance.

  • Icon representing Artistic patterns and finishes - A pencil surrounded by stars representing creative inspiration

    Artistic patterns and finishes

    Artistry that elevates the aesthetic vision for your space.

  • Icon representing Pre-engineered infrastructure - A speed square and a gear

    Pre-engineered infrastructure

    Structural integrity that ensures the performance and longevity of your project.

  • Icon representing Modular installation components - A jigsaw puzzle piece

    Modular installation components

    Substructure, posts, fasteners, hardware, and more for a comprehensive installation.

Simplicity in Screen Systems

  • Pre-drilled panels, posts, and hardware
  • No onsite welding or fabrication
  • Versatile height options
  • Seamless Gate Systems available
  • Installation Guides

The system installs easily with project specific expert support for the specifier and general contractor alike—no cutting, drilling, or finishing of any kind.

Screen System Options Screening solutions for all environments

Example of a Parasoleil™ 4 X 6 Structural System

4 X 6 Structural Systems

4 ft wide x up to 6 ft high— Ideal for medium height commercial screen installations that can be built with a variety of fastening options to achieve certain design aesthetics - from direct mount to stand-off solutions with nearly invisible matching fasteners. All of our systems are pre-engineered to meet environmental scenarios.

Example of a Parasoleil™ 4 X 8 Structural System

4 X 8 Structural Systems

4 ft wide x up to 8 ft high— Designed for maximum visual privacy solutions, these screen systems offer a versatile and functional aesthetic solution for healthcare, hospitality, public, and exterior environments. As dividers or fencing, these turnkey systems make a design statement with pre-engineered, ready-to-install structures that has never been easier.

Gates Add-on Offerings

  • Single or double gate solutions
  • Various heights: 4 ft to 8ft high
  • Pattern and finish to match associated screen system

Fastening & Installation

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The PBI Bracket combines beauty, utility, and durability to offer an elegant installation solution for a wide range of projects. It is an expressed element that standardizes the installation process, increases corrosion resistance and enhances the overall aesthetic of the installation. The PBI bracket comes in any of the three Parasoleil standard frame finishes and is most aesthetically pleasing when matched to the post color.

Rendering of Parasoleil™ Direct Mount Hardware

Direct Mount Hardware

As simple and straightforward as it gets. Parasoleil provides the appropriate screw for your project based on your substrate material whether that be wood, aluminum, commercial grade steel, or something else. All screw heads come painted to color coordinate with the panel finish. Panels come with pre-drilled holes for even spacing and ease of installation. Select from PDH, PDS, PDW depending on your post material and desired aesthetic. All fasteners will come painted in the color that best coordinates with the selected panel powder coat finish.


These brackets, designed for any vertical panel mounting situation, give you the ultimate in field tolerance with the cleanest panel face aesthetic available. Chose from a button-head tamper resistant fastener or a counter-sunk flush mount Philips head fastener. These brackets hold the panels two inches off of the posts for a floating effect. All screw heads will be painted in the color that best coordinate with the selected panel powder coat finish for a clean and seamless final appearance.


These brackets, designed for both vertical and horizontal panel application, gives you the same field tolerance as the offset mounting bracket system, but with a closer connection between the panel and the post. The brackets provide PEM studs to “hang” the panels on, which are then capped with painted acorn nuts for an expressed fastener aesthetic.

Parasoleil has a pattern for every need

Every pattern is unique in its ability to provide shade, visual privacy, protection from the elements, and enhance a design aesthetic. Make sure you're well versed on the different pattern attributes so you can be sure that you're picking the perfect pattern for your project!

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