Spec-Lock Language

Your design intent and project success is our priority from start to finish. You can use any of the specific language that is appropriate to protect your specification.

Named Specification

  1. Parasoleil, no substitutions
  2. Pattern name© – see library for design preference
  3. Finish name™ – see library for design preference
  4. Parasoleil Hardware name™ – see library for design preference
  5. Patterned panel system engineered with The Cortivale Package:
    • Applied FEA Certification: Tested and certified by IAPMO for high allowable pressures to meet specific building requirements.
    • Panel Thickness Calibrator: Upfront analysis for design flexibility and performance.
    • Pattern Wringer: Technical evaluation of pattern ensures no heat warping during the manufacturing process to maintain FEA.

Performance Specification

  • Parasoleil panel system or equivalent for performance and warranty
  • 10-year finish warranty for UV performance and adhesion to base metal
  • Supplier to provide stress and deflection calculations on patterned panels to confirm compliance for all applications
  • Non-corrosive alloys and durable powder coats used for barriers against galvanic reaction
  • Supplier to provide copyright fidelity to protect against legal infringement

Prescriptive Specification

  • Patterned panels, finishes, and hardware designed and provided by same company as a complete system
  • Supplier to ensure finish is a patina powder coat, and finish on each panel looks unique for project biomimicry requirement
  • Hardware system to maintain even 1/8” space between all panels to allow for aluminum expansion and contraction
  • Supplier to have minimum of three IAPMO or IBC Product certifications for decorative perforated metal panel applications
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Process Specification

  • Supplier to provide sample of cut edge quality and finish variations
  • All applied powder coat finishes to come with ASTM D3359-17 test results of minimum “4B”
  • Supplier to provide detailed installation instructions for each installation method and attachment used
  • All patterns in the library are priced the same
  • Supplier to provide pattern open percentage, airflow rating, pattern map report, shade analysis, and/or temperature control study for each pattern and application
  • Supplier to provide WELL AP advisor and report for relevant areas of project
  • All custom options to be approved by architect/designer/owner prior to production of panels
  • GC to contact supplier upon being awarded project to confirm lead-times and custom development process

*Confirm applicable project qualifications with Parasoleil

Parasoleil has a pattern for every need

Every pattern is unique in its ability to provide shade, visual privacy, protection from the elements, and enhance a design aesthetic. Make sure you're well versed on the different pattern attributes so you can be sure that you're picking the perfect pattern for your project!

Materials and components designed to last

Our panels are engineered to select thickness and sizes to ensure dependable pricing, material availability and reliable lead times. Minimize cost in material waste and maximize structural integrity by determining preliminary support span and panel thickness.