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Designed to delight, engineered to endure.

The Art & Science of Parasoleil

Parasoleil bridges art and environment to create places where people want to be. Built on the foundation of sculpture, the artistry in our architectural panel systems brings life to a space with the interplay of light and shadow.

The Parasoleil Standard is where the innovative beauty in pattern and the engineering needed for each client meets. This unique standard elevates your design and sets Parasoleil apart.

Building facade featuring Parasoleil Panels

The Parasoleil Difference:
Artistry, Dependability, and Durability

Bring your vision to life

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Artistic Patterns

Parasoleil has the largest range of engineered standard patterns to choose from. Pre-engineered panels and structural calculations reduce change orders, allow for easy customization, and ensure structural integrity.

  • Panel showing the Parasoleil bbLeaves Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil Casablanca Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil Evanston Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil LemonDrop Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil Mariposa Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil QuietWood Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil Shattered Pattern
  • Panel showing the Parasoleil White Sands Pattern

Proprietary Finishes

Our proprietary patina and standard powdercoat finishes ensure industrial durability. The array of colors and textures are derived from natural patina processes such as rusted weathering steel, blackened industrial steel, raw copper, aged bronze, verdigris copper, and turquoise.

Grid featuring various Parasoleil Finishes

Quality Materials

Parasoleil panels and hardware are engineered to meet the most stringent quality and safety standards on the market. Specifically engineered for wind and snow loads, Parasoleil products combine durability, utility, and elegance to create a unique design for any space. Parasoleil has the problem-solving experience and structural analysis to warranty the performance of standard products as well as custom applications.

3D Rendering of a Parasoleil panel set

Patented Hardware

Parasoleil developed universal bracket systems to accommodate the installation method best suited for your design intent and application. We recommend the system that is appropriate for your environment to stand up to wind and snow loads.

Close up of the Parasoleil Flat Bracket System™

Our technical specs library can help you spec out your next project