University of New Mexico - Anderson School of Management

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • January 2018




  • Commercial Architecture
  • Education

Product Details

  • Custom
  • Aluminum

2019 Merit Design Award, AIA Albuquerque

Project Background

The new center needed a unique identity for a gathering place reflecting the strong “pattern-making” arts culture of the American Southwest. Natural light was a key element in the design. They wanted an efficient installation method to satisfy budget and schedule goals as well as engineering for wind load code compliance.


Parasoleil collaborated with the installer and architects to create decorative and engineered panel systems for each application that was on spec, on budget, and on time. The unique requirements of this project meant very tight coordination between the architect, the installers, and Parasoleil. This project utilized panels for almost all possible applications including a Brise Soleil application, shade application, cladding application, and trim application as well. The custom labeling system for screen and canopy panels ensured easy installation. The use of two unique, custom patterns highlights the creative approach of the designers and allows for the two patterns to carry a common language while achieving different objectives - one to allow dappled light to flood the atrium, and one, to protect the side of the building from extreme sun exposure and to protect the building as a rainscreen.