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ALFA: Art Lab For Architecture

Cyclical visualization representing the Art Lab For Architecture pillars: Researching Impact, Product Development and Project Support

ALFA is a team of experts dedicated to exploring and recommending the best tools and resources that Parasoleil has for any project.

ALFA stands for Art Lab For Architecture and it’s really the core and essence of how we do things here at Parasoleil. You can think of ALFA as the bridge between what we’re learning, and what we’re offering. It starts with our internal research and development, our cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing innovations, and our incessant project follow up that measures the impact our panels have on a space. This intelligence then fuels our project guidance – allowing our team of ALFA experts to share their invaluable findings with our clients as they incorporate Parasoleil into their own unique and groundbreaking projects. By consistently testing boundaries, pushing limits, and including our clients in that journey, we are able to provide the most comprehensive and robust design guidance in the industry.


In 2005, while rafting down the Grand Canyon, metal artist Uriah Bueller was reflecting on his journey. Six years prior he launched his blacksmithing career with a plan to establish a metal studio that built oversized birdcages (not for birds). Since then, he had been making sculptures, furniture, and custom architectural installations with galleries throughout Colorado representing his work, but when someone on the raft asked him what he did for a living, he had had enough uninterrupted time sitting in the canyon to realize that most of his work centered around framing space to make people feel more welcome. That realization made the rest of his trip full of new architectural ideas and made him recall his very first patterned copper panel installation a few years prior where he freehand cut over 30 panels and their modular patterns for a shade structure. As soon as he got off the raft, out of the canyon, and back to Boulder, he got to work building Parasoleil.

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“Your ability to accommodate, seemingly any condition, is a real asset. Thanks.”
Andy Schell
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