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Poway Library

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"The courtyard used to be a place that we used as an over-sized sidewalk. Now we get to enjoy lunch outside or even to read a book to the kids and listen to the birds singing. "

Maureen Pankotai | Neighbor

Poway Library


The Poway Library had a unique challenge – transform a large beautiful courtyard that wasn’t getting used very often due to the intense SoCal sunshine. They needed to find a solution that allowed for both shade and airflow. Because the space was quite large, a solid material would have made both the library interior and the courtyard itself very dark.


The perfect solution was Lemon Drop panels from Parasoleil. At first this pattern feels feminine and organic. But it is also built from a mathematical formula of fractals and a progressive spiral of similar shapes. This pattern has form, movement, and versatile function. At 18% open, this pattern creates a place that cool and “cool” on a sunny day.

Project Details

Pub Construction Mike's Metalworks Davy Architecture San Diego County Library
Poway, CA
Installation Date
June 15, 2015
Commercial Architecture Landscape Architecture Shade

Product Details

Shade Download Brochure
Deep Bronze
Lemon Drop©
Technical Specs Library


  • Lemon Drop
  • San Diego
  • Library
  • Institutional
  • Overhead Shade
  • Landscape Design

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